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  • Saves natural resources from being mined and harvested
  • Reduces the pollution created when extracting, processing and shipping the raw materials
  • Can save your business money on disposal costs
  • Is one of the most common requests by employees for improved environmental performance at the work place

Why should you recycle bottles and cans? acquisto titoli on line

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How are bottles and cans recycled?

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What happens after bottles and cans are recycled?

  • Aluminum cans are recycled into new aluminum cans, rain gutters, or window frames.
  • Steel cans become new steel cans, recycled bicycles, or steel beams.
  • Glass jars and bottles are recycled into new jars and bottles.
  • Plastic bottles can be recycled into polyester fleece or carpeting, some beverage manufacturers are using small amounts of recycled plastic in their containers.

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