A Guide for Businesses and Institutions in Massachusetts 

You may be surprised at the large percentage of food waste that can be prevented altogether by simply streamlining food purchasing and production operations.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that up to 10 percent of food purchased by commercial entities is thrown out before even reaching a plate, after which the average diner leaves about 1/5 of food uneaten.  In addition, total food waste losses in America’s commercial and industrial sectors add up to approximately 30 to 40 billion dollars annually.  This data suggests there is a large, untapped potential for cost savings and other operational benefits through food waste source reduction, such as:

  • Cost savings from reduced food purchasing costs and disposal fees
  • Improved operational and labor efficiency
  • Creative opportunities in menu planning and food preparation

This guidance introduces several actions you can take to reduce food waste at your facility and highlights successful examples in place at several businesses and institutions.

Click here for a .pdf copy of this helpful guide.