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    Appliance Recycling That Protects the Environment
    ARCA offers state-of-the-art refrigerator and freezer recycling services designed to guarantee that every appliance collected through energy efficiency programs is fully demanufactured.  This includes ensuring all hazardous materials and components are removed, stored, transported and disposed of in a responsible manner in accordance with federal, state and local rules and regulations.

    The environmental benefits from recycling appliances include:

    Safe management of hazardous materials.
    Reduction of energy consumption.
    Reduction of emissions of ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases.
    Prevention of release of PCBs, mercury, batteries and oil.
    Reduction of materials entering landfills.
    Recovering of scrap metal and other recyclables.
    Appliance recycling programs prevent many million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq.) greenhouse gases:

    Indirectly by reducing the energy consumed by older operating energy-guzzling appliances and by creating new raw materials for manufacturing. Directly by preventing the release of refrigerants and foam-blowing agents into the atmosphere.

    Committed to energy efficiency, ARCA was the pioneer in appliance recycling programs.  Through partnerships with Energy Star® and industry affiliations, ARCA has helped promote and advance energy conservation programs and technology.

    The Center for EcoTechnology (CET) and MassDEP host this list to help businesses find recycling service providers. Listings are self-reported and do not imply a recommendation or endorsement by CET or MassDEP.
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